How to improve focus when work from home



What is the great thing about work from home!

” You can do it from home ”

What is the Bad thing about work from home ?

Yeah! that is the same thing ” you can do it from home ”

The endless worries and distractions of the home,children,friends,neighbors and from the spouse ?


And then how to improve focus and productive when work from home ?

a) . Follow your own time table

Yes ,some time  you are more productive at morning,evening or at night.Find out which time is better for you and ensure that you are available at work from home at that time

b) . Tell them – your family ,friends and neighbors –  about your time table so they will not distracted you at that time

c) . Find a place to work – it is important that your concentration is only on your work not on the other things that normally happens in your home

d) . Take a  break in every 30 minutes or 45 minutes and doing some thing for re energizing just like walking some steps .that will help you to concentrate more in your work 

e) . Find some thing which will help you to concentrate on your work

so many peoples are hearing music or sounds  with a very less voice during work with out distracting your concentration on the work

f)  . Plan Deadlines for your work

That will help you to achieve your time table every day and complete your work more interestingly and with in time limits



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